Whatsminer M21s 56T with PSU, ASIC Bitcoin mining machine.

1,425.00 $

  • Whatsminer M21s 56T (Microbit)
  • SHA256 Algorithm Mining Experience
  • Hashrate: 56 Th/s ( -5%)
  • Power Consumption: 3360W
  • Dimensions: 390mm(L) x 155mm(W) x 240mm(H)
  • Network Connection: Ethernet
  • Operating temperature: -5℃ ~ 40℃

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Microbit Whatsminer M21s 56T

  • Whatsminer M21s 56T (Microbit)
  • SHA256 Algorithm Mining Experience
  • Hashrate: 56 Th/s ( -5%)
  • Power Consumption: 3360W
  • Dimensions: 390mm(L) x 155mm(W) x 240mm(H)
  • Network Connection: Ethernet
  • Power supply included in the package
  • Operating temperature: -5℃ ~ 40℃

Why MicroBT Whatsminer?

MicroBT Whatsminer is a  technology company which focuses on blockchain and artificial intelligence. They are a big game-changer in the global Blockchain mining equipment industry. MicroBT Whatsminer is particularly known for their Whatsminer M20s and Whatsminer M21s series of crypto miners. Furthermore, Whatsminer has graced the Blockchain mining industry with ASIC Bitcoin miners, mining at harshrate of up to 86 teraharsh per second.

Whatsminer M21s 56T

Additionally, Whatsminer has again proven to be one of the largest manufacturers in the Bitcoin mining rig industry by gracing it with another powerful Bitcoin mining machine such as the Whatsminer M21s mining at an harshrate of 56 teraharsh per second.

Why Block labs?

  • Block Labs is a pioneer and an industry leader in the Middle East in terms of expertise in Blockchain mining.
  • Licenced and physical office in Dubai.
  • We offer a price matching guarantee to our ASIC miners.
  • Free remote technical support.
  • Mining facility consultancy
  • On-time delivery of ASIC miners
  • Setup assistance to new customers.
  • 6 months manufacturer warranty for all new Crypto mining hardware
  • 50% down payment can be made to request for your machine, instalment of 50% during ASIC machine pickup.

Why mine Bitcoin?

There are millions of transactions taking place every day with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoins, and these transactions are being verified by some specialized hardware known as crypto miners. Millions of these Bitcoin mining rigs are bought and run by individuals, and corporations across the world. Upon each verification made by these miners (hardware owner or corporation), they are being rewarded with the cryptocurrency they are powering (say Bitcoin).




Frequently  Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Dubai based company in the business of providing Blockchain infrastructure solutions.  Blocklabs is a pioneer industry leader in the Middle East in terms of expertise in Blockchain mining. It is a specialized firm in mining hardware and setup of large scale mining facilities.

  • Certified and Established in Dubai.
  • Offering an advanced range of miners with guaranteed profitability.
  • It provides free and safe remote technical support.
  • Customer support tips for new startups.
  • Get crypto mining hardware with a six year warranty.
  • It allows 50% down payment requests for mining machines.
  • It allows 50% installment during ASIC machine pickup.

Individuals and businesses throughout the world purchase and operate millions of these Bitcoin mining rigs. Mining process ensures every transaction and adds to the Blockchain only after validation and this way prevents fraudulent transactions. Mining is the backbone of all proof-of-work Blockchains.

  • Create new coins by solving computational puzzles.
  •  Maintain a ledger of transactions upon which Bitcoin is based.
  • Powerful hardware leads you to more energy efficient mining.
  • The time taken to mine Bitcoins depends on the kind of mining power that one possesses.
  • Most computing power (hashrate) lets you mine most Bitcoins.

Bitcoin mining is competitive and finding the most efficient, reliable and specialized mining hardware is difficult. Choose the most successful Bitcoin mining rigs while keeping these three factors in mind to earn passive income:

Hashrate – How many hashes can a Bitcoin miner produce per second? More hashes mean more money, which is why efficiency is so important.

Efficiency – Get the efficient Bitcoin mining hardware. Buy the Bitcoin mining machine that converts the most amount of electricity into Bitcoins.

Price – Efficiency and electricity are the core factors on which Bitcoin mining relies. More the price of hardware, the more efficient the mining will be.

How does a BTC miner work?

Mining Bitcoin is a decentralized global system by which miners validate and secure transactions. When a bitcoin transaction is executed, it is sent to the miner for verification. For the confirmation of new transactions, the miners need to be included in a block along with the mathematical proof-of-work.

  • Discover blocks, verify transactions and add to Bitcoin Blockchain!
  • Use powerful computers to discover new blocks.
  • Profitable Bitcoin mining depends upon the cost of electricity!

The calculator helps to determine all the probabilities of profits that you would make on cryptocurrency mining activity. Bitcoin mining calculator considers the hashrate, cost of electricity and other essential factors. Find out the amount of profit you made from the Bitcoins you invested in few steps:

  • Enter the amount to invest and the date you are willing to invest at.
  • Calculator will determine the profit according to the inputs.
  • The percentage of Return on Investments (ROI) and profit will appear.

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, without a central bank or single administrator, that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries.

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