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Due to the increasing value of cryptocurrencies, there has been a great demand for the best value mining machines and mining PCs

Due to the increasing value of cryptocurrencies, there has been a great demand for the best value mining machines and mining PCs. Pertaining to the fact that mining Bitcoin profitably with a standard computer or laptop is now impossible you’ll need specialized hardware called ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit).


Nowadays, all real Bitcoin mining is performed out on specialized Bitcoin mining hardware ASICs, which are typically housed in thermally-controlled data centers with inexpensive electricity.


Whatever crypto you are intending to mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other Altcoin, an ASIC miner is the best method to use as we already know that an individual can no longer mine cryptocurrency at home using PCs.


Though there is a rapid increase in profitability of the cryptocurrency mining business, the crypto mining hardware industry is expected to rise more than USD 3 billion between 2021 and 2025.

There are multiple reasons for the crypto mining sector’s rapid growth:

  • The growing acceptance of cryptocurrency by retailers.
  • Massive investments made by large companies in mining-specific hardware.
  • The rapid demand for equipment manufactured in China or other countries.

If you’re ready to make the investment in a professional mining rig, which is designed solely for the purpose of efficiently and successfully mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The finest mining rig to extract the greatest performance possible is WhatsMiner M30+.


Efficient Cryptocurrency Miner

The hash rate, price, efficiency and electricity are the essential factors to choose the best mining rig. While efficient crypto mining hardware must have a high hash rate, it is just as necessary to have a high hash rate. A more efficient crypto miner results in lower electricity costs per hash.


Defining WhatsMiner M30S+

The manufacturer of WhatsMiner M30S+ is MicroBT which was first released in 2020. The machine dimension is 425mm(L) x 155mm(W) x 225mm(H) with the weight of 11100g.


WhatsMiner M30S+ Hashing Power

The Model WhatsMiner M30S+ from MicroBT mining SHA-256 algorithm has a maximum hashrate of 100Th/s for a power consumption of 3400W. The M30S+, whose 100 TH/s hashing power is comparable to the Antminers at a significantly lower initial cost.


WhatsMiner M30S+ Pricing

With median electricity costs in the United States, the M30S++ will let you earn $3,611 while spending approximately $3,600 on electricity each year. On MicroBT online store, you can also acquire pre-owned mining equipment.


WhatsMiner M30S+ High power Mode

The WhatsMiner M30S+ has an option of “high power” mode which provides better energy efficiency with an average rate of 34.3 J/TH.


Technical Details

The M30S++ is the most powerful Bitcoin mining machine available on the retail market. Given the fact that the M30S machines are smaller and consume less energy than the Antminers, they have slightly less hash power than their Antminer counterparts.


The Chip size of the WhatsMiner M30S+is 12nm with a power of 3400+-10% and the Voltage of 12V. Its temperature remains between 5-40% and the humidity level remains 5-95%. The WhatsMiner M30S++, like the earlier WhatsMiner M30, consumes 3472W and operates at a 38 J/TH efficiency rate. Between -5°C and 35°C (23°F and 95°F), the highest efficiency is reached.


Aside from that, they consume more electricity and turn it into terahashes at a lower efficiency. This model comes with a built-in web management site to make administration easier.



Despite the fact that it is a pricey rig, the build quality and possible return make it a very compelling pick for anyone who is serious about cryptocurrency mining.

Whatsminer is capable to provide higher hashing power and it is much easier to obtain than the Antminers.



An in-depth evaluation of the hash rate of each miner, temperature control needs, and power draw are all important factors to consider when selecting the finest Cryptocurrency miner. An important factor in determining total profitability is the cost of power in the area where you want to run your mining equipment.

The WhatsMiner machine fulfills all the necessary factors and has more superior stability and it proves to be more resilient over the long term if compared to other mining machines.


Crypto Mining Machine Store

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Where I can buy MicroBT Whatsminer M30s+?

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