Crypto assets – Mining vs. Investing

January 2017- after establishing major real estate and hospitality projects as well as closing certain funds under my management, it was time to break into a new unknown.

January 2017- after establishing major real estate and hospitality projects as well as closing certain funds under my management, it was time to break into a new unknown. Being a firm believer in decentralization and the digitalizing of everyday products and services, I decided to allocate resources towards making an entrance into Blockchain platforms.

Initial Analysis

Being a money manager, the first and most important aspect to consider consisted of the abbreviation ‘ROI’ (return on investment). Everything seemed like it did with technology, a perceived value established by the world based on technologies that could or could not come into existence and value. Investing in Bitcoin or any other Blockchain platform meant taking hard-earned dollars and risking immense volatility in finding capital gains. From governments to media to influential figures in the finance world, the market would react immediately without rational in some cases and the value of my portfolio was never in my control. That’s when a Greek friend of mine introduced me to Blockchain mining. The concept of adding infrastructure to Blockchain platforms and verify transactions to earn cryptocurrency in return. At first, I ditched the idea because I always believed in traditional methods of operations and human resources. Building a business with digital workers required different methodologies and analysis. After intensive research, I made a calculated decision that changed my life and brought about one of the most profitable ventures I had ever entered into.

Initial Investment

Instead of buying Bitcoin for $4000 at the time, I bought 2 machines for the same value and optimized them to run efficiently. In about 3-4 months, these machines had already returned half of my investment value (accounting is done on the basis where the price fluctuations of Bitcoin were not taken into value). At that point, I was also offered to sell my machines for the same value as what I had bought them for. That meant that I had actually made a gross return of 50% without any depreciation towards my assets. Another 3 months from there, I sold my 2 machines to complete my accounts and indeed I saw that I had earned $4000 of Bitcoin without investing a single penny in the process. That’s right, my first Bitcoin in 2017 cost me the same as a Bitcoin bought in 2009. As per my calculations, even if the price of Bitcoin went down to half and so did the value of the hardware; it was still half of my investment returned ($2000) without investing a dollar after selling my hardware. Luckily for me, the market had taken a strong turn as Distributed Ledger Technology started showing its true value globally and I was already in triple-digit returns on my initial investment plan.


Making an entrance into a market where the perception of value can cause bubbles to form quickly as well as explode (December 2017/ January 2018 being a prime example), it became easier to see which side of the fence I wanted to be on. For example, if I believed in a growing value of Verge (XVG) cryptocurrency, all I did was direct hashing power towards the platform with hardware specialized on the Scrypt algorithm (the same algorithm as Litecoin). Whether the value went up or down, I kept earning the coin at my cost. For example, my first 10,000 XVG can cost $2000 but by tomorrow it will be $1900. Some months into the future, I have the potential to accumulate 100,000 XVG with an investment of only $2000. At present value, those coins will be worth $7000 and development and technical analysis show they might be worth a lot more in the future. Recently XVG hit an all-time high of 0.20 (20 cents) or linked to this example, a value of $20,000.

Birth of Block Labs®

For the purpose of spreading and managing these investments, we have established Block Labs®, a turnkey and diversified Blockchain solutions company specializing currently in infrastructure set-up, deployment, and management. Our enterprise clients are proof of the amazing returns we have produced and the equity we have amassed as a company. Launching our services in the Middle East, we are proud to implement these projects and earn new and returning clients some amazing returns. Recording everything on the Blockchain keeps every process, payment and distribution completely audited and transparent. I invite everyone to visit us digitally  ( and/or set up an appointment at our office to be presented with our products and services.

Ahmed U. Zakaria
Co-Founder & CEO
Block Labs ® – Blockchain Infrastructure Solutions
Business Bay, Dubai – U.A.E


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