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Block Labs is a Dubai based turn-key Blockchain solutions firm specializing in mining hardware and setup of large scale mining facilities. we believe in the ‘art of mining’, an analysis between profitability and growth analysis of Blockchain platforms.

We are directly linked to our Global supply chain, specializing in the industrial design, software and hardware development of external graphics cards, ASIC miners, high-end computers, workstations, and servers.

Corporate Timeline

JAN 2017

January 2017

Having a solid market share in distribution of technology for 6 years, Block Labs took its first step into experimenting with Blockchain infrastructure hardware to study the feasibility of the technology and how it could benefit investors in the middle east and global markets.

APR 2017

April 2017

A formal visit to establish presence in Hong Kong with the ideology to understand crypto asset mining markets and the pre-qualify manufacturers around the globe. Quarterly results from existing setups started showing immense potential and returns.

JUN 2017

June 2017

Partnership established with technical assembly and production facility in China to provide quality control and technical expertise to Block Labs ® potential investors. Breakeven on initial investment achieved through production of Bitcoin and other crypto assets

SEP 2017

September 2017

Strategic planning of first mining facility and operations of corporate mining farms in the United Arab Emirates.

NOV 2017

November 2017

Founded first mining farm as a testing asset with an investment of USD 100,000. Projected crypto asset production of 2 Bitcoins a month.

DEC 2017

December 2017

First mining farm was fully commissioned and started operating successfully.

JAN 2018

January 2018

Officially registered the first company in Dubai, UAE. Bringing 1 year of extensive experience of crypto asset mining and mining farms. Technical expertise on management and directing of hashing power achieved with the training of in-house mining analysts.

FEB 2018

February 2018

Block Labs ® opens its doors to consumers and enterprise clients at its office in Business Bay, Dubai to replicate and pass on its technical expertise and high rate of returns to potential investors; from home miners to industrial level entities and individuals

Our Team

Abdulla Al Yousuf

Ahmad Usman Zakaria CEO BlockLabs

Ahmed Usman Zakaria

Co-Founder, CEO

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