ASIC Miners

Our direct relationship with all major manufacturers ensures daily availability even if the factory is sold out

Crypto mining farms

Our facilities are engineered to be efficient and managed for production with almost zero downtime

GPU Rigs

Graphic cards to power supplies, we configure and deliver quality parts and complete mining systems

Block labs is built for Enterprise clients with a long term vision.

Facilities established
Average payback (days)
Average center downtime
Average cost per m/Hs

We believe in the future of
on-demand processing power

By working with our clients to establish and develop large-scale mining operations, we are at the forefront of both hardware and software solutions necessary to advance these technologies into the corporate environment.

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    Global  procurement & Supply

    Long-standing relationships with manufacturers and distributors ensures that our client get the best prices and timely delivery of every mining product available worldwide.

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    Dubai, UAE based Client Services

    With offices in Dubai, UAE and Hong Kong, we are able to provide on-site setup and support to most locations worldwide.
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    On-site setup and support

    Our professional team can provide you with a turn key crypto-farm solution and offer 24 hour dedicated maintenance and support.
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    Custom ASIC solutions

    We manufacture custom built, heavily optimized ASIC miners which can be reliably produced and deployed on budget.
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    Branded ASIC solutions

    Our wholesale network includes a large variety of branded ASIC miners including Antminer, Canaan, InnoSilicon, eBit, Whatsminer and more.
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    Branded GPU solutions

    We keep the gaming community furious with wholesale pricing and availability on the best Nvidia and AMD GPUs.

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